November 5, 2012

School 2013 First Teaser

by Lazy Goose  Monday, November 05, 2012  No comments

I'm really looking forward to the fifth season of School, School 2013. This is mostly because dear Kim Woo Bin is going to be in it. I just watched the first teaser and I'm happy to say that this drama is looking very promising in the heart department. A high school drama is just simply not a high school drama without the right tone, sincerity, and heart. Because it is such a tumultuous time of growing up and transitioning from child to adult, a depiction of such time without any sincerity will not connect with the viewers. I'm really excited. I don't like Kim Woo Bin's hair cut in this drama though. It doesn't suit him; he needs a hair cut that exposes his forehead. Well, I hope everything's going to be good.

I really like how all the characters are talking (probably about high school time) in the teaser. I didn't understand what they were saying but I still felt the emotion it evokes - melancholy. School 2013 premieres December 3rd.


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