November 30, 2014

Heartless City: Mesmerizing Noir

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I watched this in 2 days with only 10 hours of sleep. That's how good it is.

Shi Hyun aka Paksa (Doctor's Son): an extremely memorable anti-hero

The featured image: I chose this image because that's the Shi Hyun that sticks to me the most: contemplative, jaded, a bit sad. (Unrelated: Shi Hyun's 45 degree profile is remarkable, from his eyebrows to his nose/)

These screencaps speak for themselves.


He must be under severe stress.

Soo and his friendship with Paksa

A blogger called him Cute Soo. I so agree.

Soul searing bromance.


"I don't have time to like someone."

This scene is both remarkably passionate and innocent.

Doesn't this look surreal and dreamy?

So many things conveyed.

It's the little details like this that get me. Love the director's style.

See how tender this was?

One of my favorite scenes, a loving and tender caress in a cold world.

The cinematography is so gorgeous.
'We're in this together.'

More tenderness.
A lot of people said that this is even more intimate than anything. I agree.


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